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James Cameron's Deepsea Challenge
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The Complete Jacques Tati
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La Dolce Vita

1.  Interstellar
2.  Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies
3.  The Imitation Game
4.  Big Hero 6
5.  Into the Woods
6.  The Hobbit
7.  Penguins of Madagascar
8.  Unbroken
9.  Hunger Games: Mockingjay
10.  Haunted
11.  Wild
12.  Wild Card
13.  Annie
14.  Exodus: Gods and Kings
15.  Night at the Museum: Tomb
16.  Legend of the NeverBeast
17.  Divergent
18.  Game of Thrones: Season 4
19.  Barbie: Princess Power
20.  Sons of Anarchy: Final

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April 27, 2015
Back with yet another early review for you!

The return of PTA
Paul Thomas Anderson returns to the screen with Inherent Vice, out tomorrow from Warner.  Our man Gordon went undercover and has brought back the full look for you!

More to come!
Mike J

April 20, 2015
Back with another advanced review for you!

Original mad men
Mad Max is coming to Blu-ray from Shout in a new special edition...our man Gordon had the resources to bring you this special early review!

More to come!
Mike J

April 17, 2015
Sorry for the lack of updates this week; another busy one at the job.  How about we finish with an advanced review?

Friends like these
The Friends of Eddie Coyle is one Gordon calls a must-see.  It's out on Blu-ray from Criterion next week, but he has the first look!

Stay safe...more to come!
Mike J

April 10, 2015
One last advanced review to end your week...

Call him Snake
Finally, Escape From New York is getting the Blu-ray treatment fans have been hoping for, thanks to Shout...our man Gordon went in and brought back the good!

More soon...have a great weekend!
Mike J

April 9, 2015
One advanced review, coming up!

Going with the flow
The River is a classic from India that's getting a new look on Blu-ray.  We have the early look at this Criterion release for you!

More to come!
Mike J

April 8, 2015
The reviews keep coming!

How Swede it is
Ingmar Bergman's masterful Cries and Whispers has gotten the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion.  Join us for a look at this classic!

Not done yet!
Mike J

April 7, 2015
Another big review for you today...

March Madness may be ending, but Hoop Dreams is still a perfect documentary.  We have the look at this new Criterion Blu-ray for you!

Still more to come!
Mike J

April 6, 2015
Ready to win?

New contest announced!
We're teaming up with Lionsgate to give five lucky winners the Blu-ray of the fifth season of Little House on the Prairie.  Just click on "Feel Lucky?" on the above nav bar for more details and to get your entries in!

More on the way!
Mike J

April 1, 2015
No fooling today...back with an advanced review!

O brother, where art thou?
If you've ever wondered where that came from, look no further than the classic comedy Sullivan's Travels.  It's coming to Blu-ray from Criterion, and we have the early look!

More on the way!
Mike J

March 30, 2015
Back with another big review for you today!

And home before dark
Into the Woods brings the classic stage musical to the screen, and it's great...we have the look at this Disney Blu-ray for you!

More to come!
Mike J

March 27, 2015
Finishing your week with one last review...

Pet cemetery
Gates of Heaven is an early film from Errol Morris about a place of rest for animals and the people who frequent it.  It's out on Blu-ray from Criterion, and Gordon has the story!

Have a great weekend...more soon!
Mike J

March 25, 2015
The reviews keep on coming...

The Thin Blue Line helped put Errol Morris on the map, as this documentary helped save a man from death row.  Our man Gordon tells you all about this new Criterion Blu-ray!

Not done yet!
Mike J

March 24, 2015
Another big advanced review for you today!

Breaking the code
The Imitation Game tells the true story of the triumph and tragedy of the man who turned the tide of World War II...it's out soon on Blu-ray from Anchor Bay, but we have the early look!

Still more to come!
Mike J

March 23, 2015
Back with a big advanced review for you!

Hard Hobbit to break
The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies concludes Peter Jackson's second trilogy of works by Tolkien (this one actually only one book)...how does it end?  Our man Mark has the scoop in his Blu-ray review!

More to come!
Mike J

March 18, 2015
Another big new review for you today...

Over easy
The Breakfast Club turns 30 this year, and to celebrate, Universal has released a new Blu-ray edition.  We've got the spin for you!

More to come!
Mike J

March 16, 2015
Sorry for the lack of updates recently; been kind of a busy few weeks outside the office.  But we have plenty coming your way, including The Hobbit, Gates of Heaven, The Thin Blue Line and more, so stay with us!

Mike J

March 6, 2015
Finishing out your week with another big review!

True to life
Gordon says the acting in the true story Foxcatcher is amazing, particularly that of Steve Carell.  He has the review of this new Sony Blu-ray for you!

Have a great weekend, friends...more soon!
Mike J

March 2, 2015
We're back with a big giveaway!

New contest announced!
We're teaming up with Paramount to give five lucky winners a copy of the complete series of Gomer Pyle on DVD...just click on "Feel Lucky?" on the above nav bar for more details and to get your entries in!

More on the way!
Mike J


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50 to 1
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The Barber
The Boy Next Door
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The Friends of Eddie Coyle
The Gambler
Harry and Son
Inherent Vice
Ken Burns: Story of Cancer
La Silence de la Mer
Lord of the Flies
Mentalist: Final Season
Nash Bridges: Season 4
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
Wild at Heart

May 5, 2015

Adventures of Ford Fairlane
Against the Sun
All the Kings Men
Black or White
Cheers: Complete
Dancing on the Edge
The Demon
A Few Best Men
The Fugitive: Complete
Halt and Catch Fire: Season One
Kiss of the Dragon
Mad Max
Miss Julie
Mr. Turner
The Secret Invasion
Spare Parts
Winter Sleep

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