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January 21, 2019
Back with another advanced review for you!

Mob rules
Elaine May's film Mikey and Nicky is getting the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion this week...our man Gordon went undercover to bring back the review!

More on the way!
Mike J

January 16, 2019
Another advanced review to get you over the hump!

Counting the minutes
Gordon says 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days is a must-see from the Romanian new wave...it's coming to Blu-ray from Criterion, and he tells you all about it!

More to come!
Mike J

January 14, 2019
Back with another big advanced review for you this week!

Social justice
In the Heat of the Night was a Best Picture Oscar winner that combined a social drama with a gritty crime story.  It's coming to Blu-ray from Criterion, and we have the early look for you!

More to come!
Mike J

January 8, 2019
Another new review for you today!

Have a Hart
Kevin Hart's latest comedy offering is Night School.  Does it pass the test?  We signed up Gordon to study this new 4K release from Universal, and he brings the full report!

More to come!
Mike J

January 7, 2019
Kicking off your week with a big advanced review!

Tricks and treats
Halloween brings the story full circle, as Laurie Strode confronts Michael for the (last?) time.  We have the early look at this Universal 4K edition for you!

More on the way, including Night School, Mikey and Nicky, 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days and more!

Mike J

January 3, 2019
Our first advanced review of the year!

A Hitch in time
Alfred Hitchcock's Notorious has gotten the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion, and we're loving it...our review tells all!

More to come!
Mike J

January 2, 2019
Welcome to the new year, friends...let's keep the reviews coming!

Byrne baby Byrne
Talking Heads' David Byrne made a movie (it said so in the trailer), and that movie, True Stories, has come to Blu-ray from Criterion.  Our man Gordon has the true story!

More on the way!
Mike J

December 31, 2018
We're winding down your year and kicking off awards season at the same time!

So, what was the best of the best of 2018?  Look no further...we put our heads together and laid it all out for you in our 18th annual DMC Awards!

Have a safe and happy new year, everyone...back with more soon!
Mike J

December 21, 2018
Wishing all our readers a very safe and Merry Christmas...we'll be back with more soon, including our annual DMC Awards!

Mike J

December 10, 2018
Back with another advanced review for you today!

The world's a stage
Ingmar Bergman's early classic Sawdust and Tinsel is getting the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion, but we have the early look!

More on the way!
Mike J

December 3, 2018
A big congratulations to my best friend (and occasional DMC contributor) Mark Wiechman, who married Joan Vogt this weekend...all the best to you both!

Back, and deader than ever
Evil Dead 2 is simply one of the greatest horror movies ever made.  Don't believe me?  Then check out our early review of this upcoming 4K Ultra HD edition from Lionsgate!

More to come!
Mike J

November 28, 2018
Back with a mid-week review for you!

A drag
Some Like it Hot is one of the all-time comedy classics, and it's gotten the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion.  We were happy to give this one a spin for you!

More to come!
Mike J

November 26, 2018
We're back and ready to work!

Bringing out the big guns
First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II have made their way to 4K Ultra HD releases from Lionsgate, and our man Gordon says fans can rejoice...check out his reviews for more!

More on the way, including Some Like it Hot, Evil Dead II and more!

Mike J

November 20, 2018
One more review for you this holiday week...

Heroes at large
Many fans wanted to see the sequel, now Disney and Pixar have finally answered with Incredibles 2.  Our man Gordon suited up to bring you the 4K Ultra HD review!

That's it for this week...the DMC offices will be closed for the holiday the rest of the week.  Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, all!

Mike J

November 19, 2018
We have a special advanced review to kick off your week!

Asia major
Crazy Rich Asians is an old tale told new, and in wonderful ways.  We have the early look at this Warner Blu-ray, and you won't want to miss it!

More soon!
Mike J

November 12, 2018
Back with another early review for you!

Shark weak
The Meg pits Jason Statham against a giant prehistoric predator...sounds like a fair fight.  We have the early look at the 4K Ultra HD disc from Warner for you!

More to come, including The Incredibles 2, First Blood and more!
Mike J

November 9, 2018
Another new review to close out your week...

All in the family
Brian De Palma's classic Sisters has gotten the Blu-ray treatment from Criterion, and our resident expert on all things De Palma Gordon has brought you the review!

Back with more soon!
Mike J

November 2, 2018
We're wishing a very happy 50th birthday to my lifelong best friend and frequent DMC guest contributor Mark Wiechman...many happy returns, buddy!

A better Buttercup
Criterion has released The Princess Bride on Blu-ray, and it's a truly wonderful package.  Check out our review to learn more!

Have a great weekend...back soon!
Mike J

November 1, 2018
Kicking off your month with a big new advanced review!

A classic looks better than ever
2001: A Space Odyssey is my favorite film of all time, and I'm really pleased at the work Warner did with their upcoming 4K Ultra HD version of it.  You don't want to miss our review!

More on the way!
Mike J

October 29, 2018
Back with another big one!

Don't hang up
Sorry to Bother You is, according to Gordon, one of the most inventive satirical films you'll ever see...it's out on Blu-ray from Fox and he has the full story!

More to come, including the 4K of 2001!
Mike J

October 26, 2018
Finishing your week with a big new review!

Take the HDR pill
The Matrix Trilogy is making its way to 4K Ultra HD soon, and fans are going to love it.  We have the scoop in our early review!

Have a great weekend, friends...back soon!
Mike J

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January 29, 2019

Blood Brother
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Boy Erased
Humans 3.0
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Postcards From London
Studio 54

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